Panera Bread’s “Live Consciously. Eat Deliciously.”


Panera recently introduced their “Live Consciously.  Eat Deliciously” campaign, a campaign to raise the level of awareness about hunger in this country, while also being a catalyst for change in the communities that they serve.

Through this newly formed partnership, Philabundance will benefit from special programs in local Panera Bread Bakery Cafes such as Community Breadbox, Day-End Dough-Nation and support for Philabundance programs.

Community Breadbox

Through the Community Breadbox program, Panera enables their customers to contribute to the well-being of their communities. Funds collected in Philadelphia-area Panera Bread Locations will be distributed to Philabundance and used to provide food for those in need. Philabundance can provide two meals for every dollar donated.

Day-End Dough-Nation

At the end of each day, Panera Bread Bakery Cafes donate all unsold bread and baked goods to local hunger relief organizations like food pantries, shelters and emergency kitchens, many of which are part of the Philabundance network. Collectively, Panera bakery-cafes donated a retail value of approximately $100 million worth of unsold bread and baked goods in 2012 to help neighbors in need.

Participation in Special Programs

Panera Bread is dedicated to their relationship with Philabundance and will participate in programs throughout the year that benefit their hunger relief efforts. Panera Bread and Philabundance will collaborate to create unique opportunities for community participation through volunteering and fundraising.

Pennsylvania Panera Bread Bakery Cafes participating:

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