Partnership with Urban Farm Helps Feed Those in Need

Posted by Philabundance Digital Media on October 11th, 2016

Recently, Food Drive Coordinator Elizabeth went out into the field to meet with new Philabundance partners Novick Family Urban Farm and Grow Philly. Hear from her about how, together, we’re helping feed those in need:

One of the reasons I love working for Philabundance is the deep roots we have in the community, not just to alleviate hunger today, but to ultimately eliminate hunger forever.

This is also why I am so excited about our new partnership with the Novick Family Urban Farm whose own focus is on reducing hunger in the neighborhood they serve (South Philly), as well as promoting healthy eating and offering fresh, chemical-free, culturally-appropriate produce to its community.

Novick Farm 2016

Novick Brothers Corporation partners with a variety of organizations to bring the farm to life and this year they’re working with Grow Philly, a group equally dedicated to building healthy, sustainable communities in Philadelphia. Adam Forbes, Grow Philly’s director of urban farming, works with nearly a dozen Burmese teens at the farm to teach them about urban farming and how to operate a small business through a weekly farm stand. Previously these teens and their families were in refugee camps in Thailand, but were forced out of their homes and farms after many years of civil war.

The farm dedicates a portion of their land to growing crops that are culturally significant for Burmese families and sells them at their weekly farm stand. These nutrient-dense greens are called Chin Baung, known as “Roselle” in English, and are considered a central part of a Burmese diet, incorporating the sour greens into soups, salads and more. When the farm has excess greens and other crops, they donate them to us to share with the rest of the community!

Sunflower at Novick Farm

It’s awesome to see how Novick Brothers Corporation and Grow Philly have come together to create a broader impact in the community, and how their work also supports our neighbors in need. In speaking with Adam, he shares that Philabundance has been an “ideal partner” and that we’ve enabled them to “reach more people and work together to eliminate hunger in our great city.”

I’m excited to see where this partnership will go and how, together, we will find sustainable ways to combat and ultimately eliminate hunger in our community… In hopes that one day, no one will be without.

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