People amaze me. Continually.

Posted by Russ Reid on March 31st, 2011

Last week I received a letter from someone whose compassion, generosity, and motivation to make a difference for those in need in the Delaware Valley really moved me.

Jason is a lawyer and father of two young girls. He is also selfless, philanthropic and the kind of partner that Philabundance is proud to have.

He was challenged to shave his head, with a friend promising that if he could muster up the courage he would be $50 richer. Instead of shying away from the daunting and potentially embarrassing task, he flipped the challenge on its head and told his friend that he’d do it only if the $50 donation went to Philabundance. Word spread, and soon many of Jason’s coworkers and friends got on board. No sooner had the conversation started, than Jason had almost $1000 to donate. And to go even further in that mission, Jason decided he’d match the donation after he’d completed the challenge.

Jason’s story is just one of the many accounts I have the opportunity to hear each week. Stories of how our own neighbors are reaching out and finding creative ways to raise funds for those in need.
I challenge each of you… Is there something you’ve been meaning to do – run a marathon? Clean out your house? Get back into painting? Maybe it’s time to finally start – and reach out to your friends as your motivation. You can even set up a Charity Badge so that your friends can see your progress in real time. Or create the challenge as a Facebook event to spread the word.  What about a coin drive which easily allows everyone to get involved?

Whatever you choose, know that you will be helping Philabundance get one step closer to making sure that no man, woman or child goes to bed hungry. And that’s the most important thing.

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