Philabundance and Chester

By Phil Heron
Delco Daily Times

We had a visit from the good folks at Philabundance yesterday.

If you don’t know, they are looking to open a food center project in Chester, in an abandoned building at 3101 W. Ninth St. But to do it they need help from the city, in the form of $100,000 in Community Development Block Grant funds. That has rubbed some people the wrong way, in particular some of the other food pantries that are already in operation in the city.

Philabundance Deputy Director George Matysik and Communications Director Marlo DelSordo met with the editorial board yesterday and made the case for their project.

Chester City Council is due to vote on it next Wednesday.

They should approve it. Philabundance can be nothing but good for the city. They are not looking to replace any of the existing operations and they plan to create 20-25 jobs in the process.

There are still some ruffled feathers in the city about the fact that it remains without a major supermarket. That should not stand in the way of giving the green light to Philabundance.

If there’s one thing Chester can use more of, it’s place for residents to get decent food, at a decent price.

Philabundance can only help in that regard.

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