Philabundance Hopes To ‘Spread The Love’ Through Peanut Butter Donations

News Source: CBS3

By Kristen Johanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philabundance has launched their annual February campaign called ‘Spread the Love’ in hopes of getting the public to donate peanut butter and money to the nonprofit.

“A lot of families face the difficult decision in the winter to heat or eat,” says Stefanie Arck-Baynes, Philabundance Deputy Director of Communications. “And so this is really a crucial time for Philabundance and other food banks in the area to get food in to help feed those people who are really struggling to stretch their budget during these cold winter months.”

Arck-Baynes says donations dwindle this time of year. She says Philabundance serves 90-thousand people a week, one-third of them who are children. So the organization is asking for everyone to donate jars of peanut butter, if they can, or money.

Why peanut butter?

“It’s kid-friendly,” Arck-Baynes says. “It’s high in protein, but it’s also really expensive for families to buy.”

Some local schools, like the Bethany Christian School in Chester County, have launched their own mini-campaigns to help with the cause.

Arck-Baynes says most collections take place during the holidays, but hunger is an year-round issue.

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