Philabundance presents…Corporate Beetdown

The Corporate Beetdown is a fun way for companies to help fight hunger in our communities, while competing to sort, pack and volunteer the most in a year!

WIN BY EARNING POINTS! All volunteer, fundraising and food drive efforts done by your company throughout the year will count towards your total score. This means that you can participate as frequently, or as rarely as you are able and it will always count towards your goal!

Need ideas on how to make help your team reach their goal? Use our 1…2…3! document to provide you with ideas.

Wondering how we’ll keep track of your company’s score? Our volunteer department will have a record of all companies participating in the Corporate Beetdown, and each time your company volunteers with us, we will add that to the tally.

If your company raises funds or food, just be sure to inform the Philabundance contact you work with that the total should be credited to your Corporate Beetdown total!

What does your company get out of it? The winning team will get press coverage, a big shiny trophy to flash around, and best of all, bragging rights as the Corporate Beetdown Champion for the whole next year.

Feel free to check out our Corporate Beetdown Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to more questions that you might have.

To sign your company up for Corporate Beetdown, contact Marianne Lynch, Development Driector at or 215.339.0900 x 246

View the Corporate Beetdown flier, here.

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