Funding will help region’s largest hunger relief organization distribute more food
PHILADELPHIA — August 18, 2010 — Bank of America presented Philabundance with a grant of $100,000 today, which will be used to help expand Philabundance’s capacity to provide more people in need with food during these tough economic times.

The grant, presented in the new Philabundance Hunger Relief Center by Tom Woodward, Bank of America’s Philadelphia market president, and Joe Price, president, Consumer and Small Business Banking, will help Philabundance extend its reach and provide food to 150,000 people per week – 85,000 more people than are currently being served. This funding will help Philabundance distribute about a million more pounds of produce per year.

“This generous gift from Bank of America will help us to more than double the people we serve on a weekly basis,” says Bill Clark, Philabundance’s president and executive director. “As the recession rumbles along leaving in its path a growing number of individuals and families straining to make ends meet and facing uncertain economic hardship, we are ever grateful for the generosity of Bank of America in helping us ensure that nobody goes hungry.”

Coinciding with the check presentation, 40 Bank of American volunteers, including Woodward and Price, helped sort food donations at the Hunger Relief Center. This marked one of many times that Bank of America employees volunteer with Philabundance each year.

“Philabundance has had an immeasurable impact on countless individuals and families in the Delaware Valley, particularly during these challenging economic times,” said Woodward. “Our continued support of the organization, both financially and with hundreds of volunteer hours, reflects a shared commitment to helping those in need.”

Since the recession began in 2008, Philabundance has responded to the escalating need in the Delaware Valley by setting up its Emergency Relief Initiative (ERI) and creating the Hunger Relief Center that combine to improve the access the community has to food and emergency food assistance, while increasing the amount of food going into direct service programs and through Philabundance’s network of 500 agencies. The new Philabundance Hunger Relief Center greatly expands Philabundance’s capacity to handle more food – 30 million pounds in 2010 as compared to 22 million in 2009.

For anyone in need of food assistance or who knows someone seeking emergency food, Philabundance’s Food Help Line – 800-319-Food (3663) – is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Anyone interested in helping those in need can visit Philabundance’s website – to find out about holding a food drive, volunteering, attending an event, or making a financial contribution to the Food Purchase Fund.

For more information about Philabundance call 215-339-0900 or visit

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