Philabundance: Volunteer Work Has Never Been So Sexy

Joanne Taylor
Philadelphia Gardening Examiner

It was definitely a green scene on Tuesday night as approximately 70 Philadelphia-area singles swarmed into the Philabundance  facility on South Galloway Street in South Philly and lined up in rows like a vegetable garden, ready to do some Mackin’ and Packin’ for the first ever  Philabundance Singles’ Sorting Night.

David Chiles, Senior Manager of Volunteers, stated after the event; “We had a great response—and had to turn away many people  today—so we’ll definitely be scheduling more events.”  No one was turned away at the door, but the phone lines kept ringing with hopefuls trying to register earlier in the day, and registration closed quickly.
Volunteers showed up in casual attire, ready to get their mack on and give back to the community at the same time.  Both Jan Barnett, Program Coordinator of Volunteers, and Anthony Frazier, Manager of Repack, took the harvest by the hand.  Barnett led the registration, orientation, and slideshow, and Frazier instructed the masses on where to go and what to do.

Large boxes of pasta filled to the brim, donated by the Philadelphia Pasta Company, along with bins, scales, conveyer belts, shipping boxes and labels were the subject of last night’s volunteer work.  Four handsome and strong men, volunteers Jeff, Zach, Joe and Greg were put in charge of unloading the huge boxes of pasta.  Volunteers stationed themselves in front of filled bins, filling, weighing, sealing and labeling one pound bags of pasta.  As the finished product traveled down the conveyer belt, other volunteers were waiting at the end to pack the product in boxes, label them, and get them ready for distributing.  It was quite an exciting and unique event; check out the slideshow and see the mackin’ and packin’ for yourself.

Afterwards, there was a volunteer’s after-party at McFadden’s at the Ball Park; but what happens at McFaddens’ stays at McFaddens.

Philabundance was founded in 1984.  In 2005, they integrated with the Greater Philadelphia Food Bank to become the region’s largest hunger relief organization.  They have grown to service 65,000 individuals in need each week across the Delaware Valley.  In fiscal 2009, they distributed 17 million pounds of food in the Delaware Valley.   There’s much more about this great organization to come.  Be on the lookout for upcoming articles on Philabundance, including a look on the inside.

From now through September 24, you can drop off your harvest of extra fruits and veggies to one of the 11 drop-off  sites across the Delaware Valley.

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