Philadelphia City Council Teams Up With Philabundance

Members call on communities to help eliminate hunger in their backyards

Philadelphia, February 13, 2012 – Members of City Council and Philabundance announced a partnership to eliminate hunger throughout Philadelphia. In a visit to the Philabundance Hunger Relief Center on Monday, City Council members and staff presented an initial $2,000 donation that will provide meals for 4,000 families in need.

“There is no reason any family in the great City of Philadelphia should go hungry,” said Council President Darrell Clarke (5th District). “It doesn’t take much to help a neighbor out. We’re not getting the help we want from the folks in Harrisburg and Washington.
“But the citizens of Philadelphia have the power to pitch in. Those of us who have a few boxes of cereal or a few extra dollars to give – it is our duty to help.”

“We are delighted to have with us today Council President Clarke and the members of City Council as we come together to announce a new partnership and a new roadmap to ending hunger in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley,” said Bill Clark, president and executive director of Philabundance.

“Today marks a new chapter — a new opportunity. And while the generous donation City Council is contributing today will go a long way, what we at Philabundance are most optimistic about is the recognition that we cannot end hunger operating in separate spheres.  If we are going to do this, we must do it together.”

City Council members and staff helped pack and sort food at the Hunger Relief Center. Philabundance staff and volunteers distributed 18 million pounds of food in the Delaware Valley in 2010.

“I am pleased to be a part of City Council’s contribution to Philabundance.  This is a wonderful organization that takes care of our own – in the Philadelphia nine-county region – who are hungry and malnourished,” said Councilman Mark Squilla (1st District).
“As funding sources for charities continue to diminish and donations dry up, it is important that we support organizations such as Philabundance that directly impact our communities.”

Council members also praised Philabundance’s focus on distributing healthy food to families throughout the region. Of the food distributed annually, approximately 42 percent is produce.
“In order for non-profit organizations like Philabundance to continue their important work, we need both individual and corporate citizens to step up to the plate. Philadelphia City Council, led by President Darrell L. Clarke is here today to lead by example,” said Councilwoman-at-Large Blondell Reynolds Brown.

“We hope that others take note and we inspire a ripple effect of giving.”

Also present at the partnership announcement were Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell (3rd District), Councilman Kenyatta Johnson (2nd District), Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr. (4th District), Councilman Bobby Henon (6th District),  Councilman-at-Large William Greenlee, Councilman-at-Large James Kenney, and Councilman-at-Large David Oh.

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