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Community Stories


When Philip Yost was younger, he struggled with a prescription drug addiction. He worked hard to get clean, and was lucky enough to meet a wonderful woman whom he married. Together they eventually bought a house and had two daughters.

One unfortunate day, Philip was diagnosed with throat cancer. During his cancer treatment, Philip also hurt his back, and the medication they gave him for the pain unexpectedly reignited his previous addiction. These combined struggles took a serious toll on his family, leading to a divorce.

Yet Philip determinedly continued to fight. Five years later, he is presently cancer-free and clean from his addiction. Still, his back injury remains a problem, which severely limits his job options. Despite his searching, he is unable to find suitable part-time work.

Philip does receive some help from a disability check each month, but all of the money goes towards taxes and utility bills for his house. Since he and his ex-wife own their house, this keeps him from qualifying for food stamps or welfare, making day to day living a struggle.

To alleviate these hardships, Philip began to accept help from Pennridge FISH Organization, Inc., a Philabundance food pantry, and it made a difference right away. Pennridge provides Philip with food staples such as milk, butter, vegetables, and meat for himself and his kids. The offset costs from these food savings allow him to purchase basic household necessities such as toilet paper and deodorant, and he is so appreciative.

Everything Philip has gone through in his life has taught him that he is a fighter. He continues to fight through his hardships, and remains a positive person who is thankful for all that Philabundance has done to help him. He is hopeful things will get better for him.