Program Offered By Philabundance Teaches Culinary Skills To Low-Income Adults

News Source: CBS3

By Greg Argos

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Chopping, grilling and sautéing are all staples taught in expensive culinary institutes, but one Philadelphia culinary program is completely free for certain adults.

“We really try to hone in on the fundamentals,” said Chef Hugo Campos, who runs the program offered by the hunger relief non-profit Philabundance.

The program is offered to low-income adults. It is an intense 14-week institute that’s designed to teach students how to work in large commercial kitchens.

“Students are getting in here very early, around 7:45 a.m. They’re going non-stop until 12:30 (each day),” explained Candace Matthews-Bass, the program developer for Philabundance.

Kevin Robinson is one of the adult students currently in the class. He worked in manufacturing for years before getting sick and losing his job. Now homeless, he considers this culinary class a second start to life.

“I worked in manufacturing up in Bucks County. I got sick and through absenteeism, being in the hospital for a while, Lost my job. I became homeless. This is a great chance for me to start a new career,” said Robinson.

The program is free for participants, but it does cost about $3,500 per student to run. The money to fund it comes in the form of donations. To help donate to Philabundance, click here.

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