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Grocers Against Hunger

Grocers Against Hunger is Philabundance’s strategic initiative to unite grocers throughout the Delaware Valley in the fight against hunger. Because of strict guidelines, stores often need to discard items even though they are nutritious and completely safe to eat.  Through Grocers Against Hunger, Philabundance is able to increase our emergency food distribution by collecting this food from participating grocers that would otherwise go to waste. Many of these items would otherwise be expensive and difficult to obtain items such as meat, dairy, produce and baked goods. By procuring these goods from participating stores, Philabundance enables low-income residents throughout the Delaware Valley to prepare well-balanced nutritious meals for themselves and their families. The program also exemplifies green business practices by redistributing fresh products that would unnecessarily become waste.

Philabundance follows all necessary food safety guidelines, transports product via our fleet of refrigerated trucks and inspects donated product at pick-up and distribution points. The combined efforts of retailers, our own direct services and network of emergency food locations is evident in Grocers Against Hunger’s growing participation. Last year saw an astounding 149 percent increase in donations, resulting in 1.2 million pounds of collected food.

Thank you to our committed Grocers Against Hunger Partners:

ACME, Bottom Dollar, BJ’s, Giant, Redner’s, Trader Joe’s, Sam’s Club, ShopRite, Target, Walmart, Whole Foods. Your dedication to this program helps us feed thousands of people each week.

For more information about participating in Grocers Against Hunger, contact Michael McManiman, Assistant Manager, Food Acquisition at 215-339-0900 ext 1305.

Quarterly Store Highlight

Acme Chalfont 7746 joined the Grocers Against Hunger program in Fall of 2011.  Of the more than 44,000 pounds donated in our second quarter, 38% were dairy. That equates to nearly 17,000 pounds of milk, cheese, yogurt and other important calcium dense, nutrient rich foods.

In the second quarter, Acme Chalfont donated nearly double the total pounds of our second highest performing store.  Donations included important staples such as shelf stable grocery items but also an abundance of meat, dairy, and produce.  The perishable items not only provide full and balanced meals for families in the community but are increasingly being dropped off shopping lists to accommodate for the challenges presented by the current economy.

Philabundance values the hard work Acme has put into the Grocers Against Hunger program. Acme Chalfont is a great example of how extra steps to set aside donations can make a positive impact in reducing hunger and malnutrition in the community.  Thank you Acme Chalfont for your commitment!   

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