Retired and Hungry

Posted by Philabundance Digital Media on June 16th, 2017

Joe D’Ginto, 75, is a retired senior who worked hard for most of his life. Joe’s mom passed away from a heart attack when he was just 11 years old and his dad struggled supporting him and his five siblings, ultimately leaving them to raise themselves.

Dropping out of Radnor High School in 10th grade, Joe began working at an early age to earn enough money to survive. As he settled down and started a family, he continued to work different jobs – including cleaning at Radnor Middle School cleaning, maintaining utilities at Wayne Presbyterian Church, shining men’s shoes at Chester Valley Country Club, and serving as a golf caddie for 52 years – in order to provide for himself, his six children and now, his sweetheart, Carol.

Now that he’s retired, in order to help make ends meet, Joe goes to a Philabundance agency in Paoli, PA called Church of the Good Samaritan four times a month for the past three years.

“It’s hard living on social security after paying for utilities, gas and food,” Joe shares. “At Good Samaritan, every little bit helps.”

Today, Joe lives in a mobile home with Carol, 81, who suffers from dementia.

He shares, “I hope one day I will win enough money to take me and my sweetheart to Hawaii because I’ve always imagined getting married in Hawaii.” In the meantime, Joe is content caring for Carol and they are both grateful for the goods they receive from Good Samaratin.

To help provide more food to dads and granddads, like Joe, please consider donating to help us end hunger in our communities. $1=2 meals.

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