"This year, we couldn’t have made it without you."

It’s been a challenging year for Linda and Tom, but they say the compassion of friends like you has made all the difference for them and their family.

Linda receives disability benefits and is unable to work. Her husband, Tom, planned to work beyond retirement age, but his plans changed when the shop he worked for closed down last year. He hasn’t been able to find work since.

The couple has two grown sons who live on their own, but Linda says they’ve been helping raise two of their granddaughters. It’s difficult for them to pay bills and afford groceries for the whole family on their fixed income.

That’s why the couple is especially grateful they can visit the food pantry at Bucks County Housing Group in Milford Square, a member agency of Philabundance. Lately, Linda and Tom have been picking up groceries there once a week to help stretch their small food budget.

But some weeks, Linda says they can’t afford any groceries at all and rely solely on the food they receive from the food pantry.

“If it weren’t for [the food pantry], we wouldn’t have any food,” Linda says with sincerity.

Linda and Tom tell us they’re looking forward to welcoming their family to their home this Christmas. Though they may not have gifts to exchange, they’re thankful they can share a warm, nutritious meal, thanks to your continued support.

“This year, we couldn’t have made it without you,” Linda says. “Thank you for giving so generously.”

When you give to Philabundance, you offer more than hope to your neighbors facing difficult times. You offer sustenance. Thank you for sharing what you have this holiday season!