Eating a balanced diet is a goal that many people work toward, especially at the beginning of a new year. In Cynthia’s case, it’s more than a new year’s goal, it’s an absolute necessity.


Diagnosed with both diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis, Cynthia must follow the healthy meal plan prescribed by her doctor to keep her symptoms under control. But the recommended items on her list come with a hefty price tag. It wasn’t until she began coming to the Fresh for All free produce distributions near her home in Upper Darby that she was finally able to supplement her low fixed income with the fruits and vegetables she needs. “Thank you for supplying food to people who otherwise wouldn’t have it,” she said.


Thank you for supplying food to people who otherwise wouldn’t have it.

Through your support, Cynthia can bring home fresh tomatoes, eggplant and other items she would otherwise be unable to afford. Her blood sugar levels have stabilized, a welcome side-effect of your generosity, which makes programs like our Fresh For All free produce distribution possible.

Beyond meeting her own nutritional needs, Cynthia must also feed her grandchildren, who stay with her in the afternoons on school days while their parents are still at work. The meals you help provide ensure that neither Cynthia nor her family members go hungry.


As an older adult, Cynthia’s role and responsibilities at home have changed. This shift happens to many people as they age. But a shift away from being able to access vital nourishment is not acceptable. Thank you for being part of our mission to help feed Cynthia and countless other neighbors!