Children have a special place in Corrina’s heart. Because of her loving spirit, she opened her home to around 15 foster children over the course of several years – in addition to raising her biological daughter, Sonja.

While Corrina received financial assistance to offset the cost of feeding and housing some, but not all, of the girls and boys under her care, there were times when her family had difficulty affording groceries. In those days, Sonja would also work part time to fill the gaps in Corrina’s monthly income.

Now, after so much time looking after the needs of others, Corrina’s the one in need of assistance. Serious health problems – including fibromyalgia and three strokes – have put a strain on Corrina’s body. But she keeps smiling – it’s not in her nature to complain!

Still, with only a small amount of disability income, Corrina is the first to admit that she can’t do everything alone. This realization led her to Seeds of Hope, her local Philabundance member agency in Dresher, PA.

“Everybody goes through transitions and it’s not always easy,” she said. “Sometimes we need an extra hand.”

Although she faces many challenges these days, Corrina speaks with joy and gratitude for having a resource like Seeds of Hope to help see her through this new stage in life.

As individuals like Corrina age, it’s up to caring neighbors like you to step in to provide relief. Thank you for choosing to give to Philabundance so that amazing women like Corrina never have to worry about missing vital meals as they struggle with illness and other life challenges.