COVID changed the whole delivery process. In the past, I’ve built relationships with the agencies because I’d see them two or three times a week. But now we have to stay six feet apart, air hug and try to smile through a mask. Your greetings – everything is a little different, but we still build a rapport with the agencies. They know it’s all love at the end of the day because we’re still providing for the community.


I normally deliver to a Philabundance partner agency called Keep it Real. I watched how it’s gone from maybe 40 to 50 people in line and to close to 100 now. You know, with what’s going on with job loss and kids being home from school, this is serious. The food they get from Keep It Real has a big impact. You see the lines get longer, but everyone’s still working together to make it a pleasant experience for people. I wish we could take care of everyone, but you have to be realistic. How can we feed everybody? We can’t, but we do the best we can.


Line of cars awaiting to receive emergency food boxes.


I’m thankful that Philabundance was built for times like this. My mom goes to one of the agencies I deliver to in West Philadelphia. She goes there to get fruits and things like that. Sometimes she just goes there to have a conversation with one of the pastors I deliver to. It’s amazing. If Philabundance wasn’t around, some families wouldn’t eat during the pandemic. When you see something this impactful and people really sticking together, it makes you realize that the work we do at Philabundance is really needed.


James Jackson
CDL Driver, Philabundance



Philabundance is an essential agency that has remained open during the COVID-19 public health crisis.