"We would struggle pretty hard if it weren’t for the pantry."

Layla is just two years old, but she’s already a fan of fruits and vegetables — green beans are her favorite. Thanks to generous donors like you, her mom can keep her favorites and much more on their family’s table.

Layla’s mom, Lacy, visits The Lord’s Pantry at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, a member agency of Philabundance. She is able to prepare three meals each day, thanks in large part to the groceries she receives there.

Recently, Lacy’s husband had an accident on the job and hasn’t been able to return to work. Lacy stays home to care for Layla, and the family was already struggling to stretch their limited budget enough to pay bills and afford groceries before the COVID-19 crisis.

“We would struggle pretty hard it if weren’t for the pantry,” she says.

Lacy enjoys looking up new recipes to try out based on the groceries she receives from the pantry. She’s even tried a few recipes provided by the pantry.

As for Layla, she’s happy to eat whatever her mom fixes.

“Layla likes pretty much all food,” Lacy says, smiling.

Especially during these challenging times, Lacy is so grateful for generous people like you. Thanks to you, Lacy can be sure that Layla not only has food to eat, but that it’s good, nutritious food that will help her as she grows.

Thank you for giving parents like Lacy and her husband the helping hand they need to provide and care for their families. You’re ensuring a brighter future for our entire community!