Shin Ho, 28, has had the roughest week of his entire life. Three days ago, his three-month old, Aiden, passed away from what the doctors think was SIDS. He and his fiancée, Stephanie, have been at the hospital and Shin Ho came to Turning Points today because there is no food at home. He was quietly filling up a small black backpack to take home to Stephanie so that they could sit down and start planning the funeral.

In the past, Shin Ho has been coming to Turning Points since they opened. “They’ve been very helpful,” he says. He found out about this place from a neighbor in his apartment complex.

“It helps make ends meet.”

Shin Ho has been on and off disability and is still trying to find a job. He receives some disability income and food stamps.

Although his gas is included in his rent, his electric is not, and paying bills is always a struggle.

“I’m very grateful that this is here. I can’t see us being here without it.”