Through your support of our free produce markets, you’re providing fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables to neighbors across the Delaware Valley.

Little Michelle, 7, and her mom, Pearaline, recently visited one of these markets in Edgewater Park, NJ. Michelle was a burst of energy with a bright, shining smile. She said she loves school — especially math class — and hopes to become a doctor when she grows up! Her mother beamed.

Pearaline found out about our free produce distributions a couple years ago and couldn’t be more grateful to be able to take home healthy food for Michelle and her two older siblings.

Affording fresh groceries has been a challenge since she had to leave her job. After 13 years as a cook, Pearaline injured her arm. Although she could no longer work in a commercial kitchen, she didn’t qualify for income assistance.

That’s why being able to pick up free, fresh produce in Edgewater Park means so much to her. Pearaline is originally from Jamaica and loves to prepare some of her favorite Jamaican dishes using the vegetables she is able to take home.

Providing healthy food for her children is the most important thing to Pearaline. She wants to share her gratitude with the people who help make that possible.

“Moms like me are appreciative of getting healthy foods,” she says to friends like you. “You help a lot of people.”

Thank you for growing strong families here in our community through your generous support!