Priscilla really doesn’t know what she would do without the support of neighbors like you. Your generosity comes in sharp contrast to the life she left behind.


In her native country of Nigeria, Priscilla worked as a high school biology teacher — a job that she loved. But when terrorists began bombing schools, parks and churches close to her home, she feared for the lives of her three children.


Four years ago, Priscilla and her children left Nigeria and arrived safely in the United States. Priscilla is thankful to have escaped the violence, but it’s hard for her and her children to forget it. She suffers from anxiety and depression as a result.

You have saved a lot of souls — especially mine.

It’s also been hard for Priscilla to find work since arriving in the United States. She loves teaching, so she volunteered to teach at the local Salvation Army. She stopped temporarily, though, when her anxiety and depression became too severe.


Priscilla is so thankful she can take home nutritious food for her family from the free produce market in Lawncrest. It gives her one less thing to worry about.


To donors like you, Priscilla would like to say: “You have saved a lot of souls — especially mine.”


Thank you for remembering your neighbors this holiday season! Your kindness makes such a difference in so many lives.