“The pantry is helpful — a lot helpful!”

As the holidays draw nearer, families like Barbara and Raul’s are especially grateful they can keep nutritious food on their family’s table. They thank you for making that possible.

The young couple has four children, and we met up with them and their youngest daughter, Melody, 1, at The Simple Way, a member agency of Philabundance.

It’s the family’s first time visiting the pantry, Barbara tells us. They’re grateful a friend told them about the resource since they’ve been struggling to keep enough food on their family’s table.

Barbara’s income and some SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits are all the family has right now to pay expenses. Raul stays home with Melody while he looks for a new job, and while Barbara goes to work.

Their older children receive free meals when they’re at school, which Barbara says is very helpful. But they have to make up the difference on nights, weekends and holidays. And the children will soon have a long winter break from school.

That’s why the family was so grateful for the food they received at The Simple Way. They were especially excited to get milk, cookies and ingredients for sandwiches.

“Everything is good,” Barbara says, thanking you for making all of this food available to her and her family.

This holiday season, there are thousands of parents just like Barbara and Raul who need help. Through your support, you give them the comfort of knowing they’ll be able to continue feeding their families this holiday season and beyond. Thank you!