Eddie, 66, has lovingly cared for his sister for several years now, and he says it’s people like you who make it possible.

That’s because Eddie relies on the food he receives from the weekly free produce market in Upper Darby. He travels one hour each way by bus just to get there. Because the produce is so precious to him and his sister, he packs his cart carefully to make sure each item gets home safely.

Eddie raves about the fruits and vegetables he can choose from on each visit.

“The people are so nice and there is a nice variety,” he shares.

Eddie’s sister, Lucy, is 69 years old. He says she worked numerous years in Philadelphia before health problems forced her to stop. Now, she has a hard time getting out of the house, so gathering groceries is just one of the many errands Eddie joyfully runs for her.

Eddie also worked many years in the community before caring for his sister full–time. He was a wedding photographer. When we asked to take a photo of Eddie, he gladly posed, but true to his photography background he first carefully positioned the fruits and vegetables so you could clearly see them.

It’s evident when talking to Eddie just how much your gifts mean to him.

There are so many older adults who have worked hard their entire lives but now struggle to make ends meet. Your generosity is giving seniors across the Delaware Valley a chance to maintain their health and dignity. Thank you!