The past few months have been especially challenging for Jeff, but your generosity has significantly lightened his load.

“[You] helped me out a lot,” Jeff says to donors like you.

Despite several setbacks, Jeff was grateful to be able to move into his own apartment recently.

He previously worked at Sunoco and Six Flags, but had to stop working due to back problems and subsequent surgeries. Even if he were able to go back to work, he wouldn’t have the transportation to get there.

“It’s a hard situation with no transportation,” he says.

Even more difficult is being told that his income is just $100 too much to qualify for SNAP benefits. Jeff struggles just to afford basic bills, not to mention groceries and other expenses on the social security benefits he receives.

“If I was making $100 less, I wouldn’t be able to afford the things I need,” he says.

On the day we met him, Jeff was taking home an emergency bag from the food pantry. The bag contained shelf–stable food, including proteins, whole grains, canned fruits and vegetables — enough to prepare several well–balanced meals.

Because you support Philabundance, Jeff and countless other individuals and families in need can receive nutritious meals and healthy groceries. You’re truly making a difference.