Michelle is a single mother of two who recently visited the Seeds of Hope food pantry, a member agency of Philabundance in Montgomery County.

She really enjoys her work as a receptionist at a local probation office, and she brings home a steady paycheck, but her income alone isn’t always enough to afford nutritious food after all the family’s bills are paid.

That’s why Michelle is so thankful your donations allow her to pick up healthy groceries from the food pantry. Seeds of Hope offers a variety of nutritious choices, including fruits, vegetables and protein.

Michelle’s oldest son is a graphic design student at a local community college. Luckily, Michelle’s work with the county allows him to take two classes for the price of one, helping Michelle save money.

Her youngest son was about to enter kindergarten when she started visiting Seeds of Hope, and thanks to donors like you, he began his first year of school ready to learn and thrive.

She wants to thank Philabundance supporters for making sure she can keep nutritious food on her family’s table as her kids learn and grow.

“Thank you!” Michelle says to friends like you.

You’re giving moms like Michelle the helping hand they need to provide and care for their families.