The past 12 months have been especially difficult for Jacob — but you’ve greatly eased the burden for him and his family through your generous gifts to Philabundance.

Last year, his house burned in a fire. Because he couldn’t afford the necessary repairs, he and his son moved in with Jacob’s mom, Trinett, until they can get back on their feet.

Trinett says she’s been visiting a Philabundance free produce market in her neighborhood for several years now, so she brought Jacob along after he moved in with her.

Trinett works in home healthcare, but still struggles to afford groceries, especially healthy food like fresh fruits, vegetables and milk. That’s why she’s grateful she can visit the produce market and now also help her son and grandson have nutritious food as well.

Both Trinett and Jacob receive some SNAP benefits, but they still wouldn’t have enough groceries each month without the food they get at the free produce market.

They show up at the market no matter what the weather is like — anywhere from freezing temperatures in winter to scorching heat in summer. They’re just so grateful to have this resource for their family.

Jacob is even learning more about healthy eating. He says he used to choose less healthy food because it was all he could afford. Now, he really enjoys fresh fruits and vegetables, and understands how much better this is for him and his son.

Neighbors like Trinett and Jacob are facing even more challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why your continued support is so critical right now.

Thank you for giving so many neighbors access to healthy groceries. You’re truly making a difference for children, families and seniors in need!