“This is a big help!”

Gwendolyn is no stranger to a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, thanks to your generous support. And she makes sure not one bit of the produce she receives at her local Fresh For All goes to waste.

Gwendolyn tells us the effects of having had polio limit her mobility in cold weather, so she only makes the journey to the Fresh For All in Upper Darby when the weather in the milder months.

But just one visit to the free produce market gives Gwendolyn enough fresh produce to last her several weeks. She freezes what she can’t eat right away, and says some of her favorites are broccoli, cabbage, apples, squash and cucumbers.

“This is a big help,” Gwendolyn says of the free produce.

As a special treat, she will cut up a few apples, sprinkle them with cinnamon and a touch of butter and bake them in the oven.

Gwendolyn also receives a Senior Box every month from Philabundance. She lives alone and says the box, which contains shelf–stable foods such as canned goods, powdered milk and cereal, helps greatly.

“[You] are doing a good job — thank you,” Gwendolyn says to donors like you. “Keep doing good work.”

Thank you for helping make sure your neighbors have the nutritious food they need to thrive this holiday season. Your kindness means more than you can imagine to your neighbors who would otherwise struggle to have enough to eat.