Marlen and her 14–month–old daughter, Aylin, arrived all bundled up at St. John Lord’s Pantry, a member agency of Philabundance, to pick up much–needed food for the family on a snowy day last winter.


Marlen and her husband have two children, including Aylin and their 5–year–old son. Because childcare was too expensive, Marlen stayed home with the children while her husband worked.


The family really appreciated the food they found at the pantry, including some of their favorites: pasta, eggs, cheese, chicken and other meats.


Marlen and her family live only ten minutes away from the food pantry, so she was very thankful she could get there so easily when her family needed food. Marlen had visited the pantry every week for about three years.


“This is very helpful,” Marlen said of the food the family received thanks to kind–hearted neighbors like you.


Outside the food pantry, Aylin and her mom had three bags full of nutritious groceries – enough to feed the whole family in the week to come.


I hope you realize what a difference you make for so many families like Marlen’s. Across the Delaware Valley, more than 90,000 people are fed each week through Philabundance and its member agencies. And it just wouldn’t be possible without you.


This holiday season, we want to thank you. Your generosity helps caregivers like Marlen feed their children – now and into the new year. Thank you!