“This is so helpful.”

“Before I found out about this place, we didn’t have any food,” Kendra says, dismayed. “There were days where we only ate rice.”

You’ve made a real difference for Kendra and Sam’s family. Sam works full-time to support Kendra, their 2-year-old son Joey and their two school-aged daughters. But even with a regular paycheck, it’s often a struggle to cover all their expenses. Things will only get harder when the girls get out of school for summer vacation.

Finances weren’t as tight when Kendra was working. But with the high cost of childcare, she just couldn’t justify keeping her hourly job.

Kendra is working on building a babysitting business in her neighborhood. But for now, her family really needs help. Thanks to you, they found it at Cornwells United Methodist Church, a Philabundance member agency in Bensalem.

The church’s Harvest Ministry food pantry regularly provides nutritious groceries to people in the community who need a helping hand. Kendra says it’s a true relief to be able to bring home healthy food.

“Thank you,” Kendra says to friends like you. “This is so helpful.”

For families who have nowhere else to turn, your generosity is a true lifeline. So many of your neighbors would go hungry without the support you make possible. Every $1 provides two meals to help those in need. Donate now.