Nine–year–old Yvonda dreams of being a therapist one day. Thanks to your generosity, Yvonda and her two siblings will have the nutrition they need to work toward their goals and keep their minds sharp along the way.

A lot of people would be hungry without this.

That’s because Yvonda’s mom, Yolanda, can visit the food pantry at Philabundance member agency Gibson Temple Baptist Church. Yolanda has been visiting the pantry for several months since her landlord initially told her about it.

“A lot of people would be hungry without this,” she says.

Yolanda receives Social Security Disability benefits and some Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. But the combined income is rarely enough to pay the family’s bills and afford healthy groceries.

“They go quick,” Yolanda says “They don’t last at all.”

She enjoys cooking for her family, and the food from the pantry helps her fill in the gap between what she can afford on her own and what she actually needs.

“Sometimes I have meat, but no sides,” she says.

Yolanda is relieved that her children can eat free breakfasts and lunches at school. But once summer vacation starts, it’s difficult for parents like Yolanda to make up the difference in meals.

Thanks to you, Yvonda and her siblings will have access to nutritious food this summer and beyond. Thank you for giving children, families and seniors nutritious food and hope for the future!