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She may not be able to clear buildings in a single bound, but your little wannabe caped crusader can make a big difference this summer by becoming a Philabundance Hunger Hero.

By Melissa Greiner

When schools out for summer, for many, sadly, so is their source of nutrition. Thousands of Philadelphia-area children rely on their school lunch program to provide them their most complete meal of the day, so when the cafeteria is shut down, so is their food supply. A family of four with two school-aged children who participate in the school meals program needs to provide 80 additional meals, equaling more than $200, every month this summer  – a feat which may may not be feasible.

As their parents scrimp to make the grocery budget stretch and turn to food pantries across the area to fill in the holes, you and your child can help by joining with Philabundance, the region’s largest food bank and hunger relief organization, and become a Hunger Hero.

While your child will probably have a cape and awesome new super moniker at the ready, it doesn’t really take much to show your stuff:

  1. Download the HungerHeroes toolkit, an adorable, fun guide that shows kids how their contributions can make an impact.
  2. Read a hunger-related story with your child so they understand why giving back matters.
  3. Help them hold their own mini food drive. It could be at the end of the driveway, at camp, at a family BBQ, or anything they dream up in their ambitious minds.
  4. Allow them to indulge in knowing they really are a hero by illustrating a comic strip of themselves in full super glory and posting it to Philabundance’s Facebook wall.

To get your kids in the heart of the action, reserve a spot for your family to be a part of Hunger Heroes Family Night on Tuesday, August 13, 6-8 pm at The Hunger Relief Center (3616 S. Galloway Street, Philadelphia). Come dressed as your favorite superhero and help fight hunger!

Pow! Bam! Your little really can make a big difference. For more on the Hunger Heroes campaign, visit Philabundance’s website.

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