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No Donation Too Small

May 25, 2017  by Philabundance Digital Media

by Glenn Bergman, Executive Director of Philabundance I am always amazed at how much produce comes in to Philabundance from the Produce Center, the Port of Philadelphia, our grocery – retail store partners, and our farmers in the summer months. On Thursday, May 11th, we received a donation of 350 pounds ...

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Q&A with Volunteer Carol Williamson

August 11, 2016  by Philabundance Digital Media

Name: Carol Williamson Age: 60 How did you get involved with gleaning? My husband and I have long been financial supporters of Philabundance. In the late spring of 2014, we got one of the periodic mailings describing Philabundance projects. There was a blurb about gleaning and the independent toy store where I ...

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From Tree to Table

October 13, 2015  by Philabundance Digital Media

On Tuesday morning we got the call: a local grower was generously looking to donate fresh apples she recently gleaned from Winesap trees in her neighborhood. Within 48 hours – thanks to quick, efficient coordination by our Food Acquisition, Warehouse and Transportation teams – the apples went from a tree in ...

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4 Ways to Fight Food Waste with John Oliver

July 20, 2015  by Philabundance Digital Media

Regardless of your political party, personal beliefs or musical preferences, last night comedian and late-night TV show host John Oliver shined his satirical spotlight on an undeniable issue in our country: food waste. We’ve tailored Oliver’s tips to help you fight hunger and food waste right here in the Delaware Valley: “Resolving ...

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Philabundance VISTAs: Making an Impact

August 6, 2013  by 

Over the past year, Philabundance was very fortunate to have six AmeriCorps VISTAs working in several departments.  I sat down to speak with my fellow VISTAs to ask them, “what impact do you feel you made on the community during your AmeriCorps service with Philabundance?” I sat down with Jennifer Wright, ...

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Get out and Glean!

July 2, 2013  by 

Gleaning is the practice of gathering leftover crops from a farmer’s field after their first harvest. The term dates back to the Bible, which instructed farmers to leave the corners of their fields unharvested to let “widows and peasants” come through to pick their own crops. Gleaning might be one ...

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