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You’re Sharing Joy with Families in Need

November 14, 2016  by Philabundance Digital Media

Little Anthony, 2, can count perfectly to 10 — in both English and Spanish! With his smarts and easy smile, you’d never guess his family was struggling with hunger. His mother, La’Shorn, is raising Anthony on her own and enrolled him at a childcare learning center while she worked her housekeeping ...

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Sonja Is Thankful for Your Generosity

November 11, 2016  by Philabundance Digital Media

You help fill the tables of people facing all kinds of difficult circumstances. A temporary hardship, like a major car repair or brief stint of unemployment, only limits a family’s budget for a short while. Others can cause financial challenges for years. Just ask Sonja. Sonja and her husband often struggle ...

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Marnie Basick, Manna on Main Street Client

October 25, 2016  by Philabundance Digital Media

  Marnie is a smart and creative native New Yorker, who likes to write songs and poetry and has a BA from Penn State and Master’s degree from Arcadia University. She’s also on disability and goes to a local pantry for food and other support. Marnie has faced a lot of adversity ...

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Your Gifts Help Students Thrive!

August 17, 2016  by Philabundance

September is Hunger Action Month – a time when we raise awareness about the prevalence of hunger in our area. Here, one in four people face hunger, while nationally the number is one in seven. We encourage you to take action by giving time, money or food — or spread ...

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West Philly Food Pantry Volunteer Sees Change in Those Served

April 8, 2016  by Philabundance Digital Media

Linda is a former data analyst with a keen eye for improving efficiencies (and a warm heart for making a difference). After being a member of the Grace Lutheran Church in West Philadelphia for more than 40 years, she accepted an opportunity to run the church’s food distribution program, a ...

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Member Agencies Offer Help, and Hope

April 10, 2015  by 

Crystal is an energetic single mom taking care of her six-year-old daughter, as well as the two sons of her friend who is living at a women’s shelter. She smiles when she talks about The Open Link, a Philabundance member agency, but when the conversation focuses on the need for ...

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