Thanks to You, Nadia is Prepared to Succeed!

Posted by Philabundance on August 16th, 2016

photo3This fall, Nadia is beginning fourth grade at Lowell Elementary. She’s giddy with excitement about the new school year.

In order to succeed in the classroom, Nadia needs regular access to healthy food — including plenty of fruits and vegetables — to help her focus. But sometimes, she and her siblings are at risk of missing meals, as their grandparents are raising them on a very tight budget.

Nadia’s grandmother, Antonette, says stretching her husband’s paycheck from his maintenance job to include rent, utilities and enough healthy food for her grandchildren can be a challenge. Antonette can often only afford cheaper, less-nutritious groceries that fill her family up for less.

To solve this problem, Antonette took action through the KidsBites program at Nadia’s school. Today, she and her granddaughter are standing in line to receive a box of fresh produce and other healthy staples Antonette can use to prepare balanced and filling meals for her grandbabies.

The food provided by your generous gifts, plus the food Nadia gets through the school meal program, provides her the consistent nutrition she needs to thrive. This school year, she’ll have the energy to learn, grow and play — something every kid deserves.

Before they leave with their box full of healthy groceries, Nadia hands a volunteer a picture she drew to show her thanks. She wanted friends like you to know how much she appreciates your support and compassion.

As someone who’s raising kids for the second time, Antonette is also grateful to have help. She has a lot to worry about right now, and it’s a relief to know she can put quality food on the table for her little ones.

“Thank you,” she says, sincerely. “[Your generosity] really helps.”


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