The Best Way to Fight Hunger- Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor
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As the executive director of the Delaware Valley’s largest hunger relief organization, I often get asked, “Will it help more to give money or food”? The simple answer is that both are vital.

Without funding, Philabundance couldn’t keep our fleet of trucks on the road each day or keep our freezers and refrigerators working. Through Philabundance’s close ties with the food industry, we are offered special nonprofit rates that allow us to purchase food at deep discounts and stretch each donor’s dollar further.

When you coordinate a food drive at your company, school or place of worship, you help spread the word about hunger. I know when my family contributes to a food drive, we can’t help but feel connected to the family that our donation will help feed. And just as importantly, food drives provide a rich variety of different products that allow our clients the choice and dignity they deserve.

In the last year alone, we saw a 26 percent increase in need among our agencies while food donations decreased. Now, more than ever we need support from our neighbors in the Delaware Valley and beyond. Whether you donate food, funds, or time, it will make an impact.

Bill Clark, President and Executive Director, Philabundance, Philadelphia

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