The Meaning of 16,000

Posted by on December 19th, 2011

Volunteers at our Hunger Relief Center

Last year, more than 16,000 volunteers worked with Philabundance to fight hunger.  16,000 is as huge number, but what does it mean to us?

16,000 volunteers means we can feed more people.  The more hands we have helping out at our Hunger Relief Center, the more food we can sort and pack for our programs and our network of almost 500 feeding agencies.  And if you’ve ever been to the Community Food Center or one of the twelve Fresh For All sites, you know how critical volunteers are to getting food directly into the hands of people in need.

16,000 volunteers means spreading our message to all corners of our region. From corporations to congregations, from schools to sports teams, from singles groups to families, people in the Delaware Valley are coming out to say that hunger is unacceptable.

16,000 volunteers means hope.  Hunger is an unconscionable reality, a heavy burden on the back of so many men, women, and children throughout our communities.  Every day at Philabundance we meet people with tremendous strength and spirit who struggle, often unnoticed, to provide food for themselves and their families.  16,000 volunteers means that we see them.  16,000 volunteers means they aren’t alone.

But, sometimes, 16,000 just isn’t enough.  We are grateful to see our programs filled with volunteers during the holiday season, but unfortunately the need is just as great in January and February.  Hunger doesn’t take a vacation—people need to eat every day of the year.

Are you part of the 16,000?  Is your business, congregation, or school?  For you, what does it mean to be part of a movement that changes lives and transforms communities?  And please, on behalf of all we serve, when can you come back?

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