Turkey Talk: How to Discuss Hunger at Your Thanksgiving Dinner Table

Posted by Philabundance Digital Media on November 16th, 2015

For many, Thanksgiving is a time centered on food, family and tradition. Nostalgia and aromas of pumpkin spice waft through the air, reminding each family member of special times past and hopes for a full future.

What happens in your home after the turkey is roasted, the yams are on the table and everyone is gathered ‘round? Do you give thanks? Say a prayer? Talk about the big game? This year, consider these five dinner table conversation starters and stats to help family and friends better understand the cause you care about:

Let’s eat! Food is a basic human right, and yet 750,000 people in the Delaware Valley are hungry. As you dig into dinner, talk about the root causes of hunger – like poverty, policy issues, unexpected life events and access/distribution – and how they impact people throughout the US.

What are you doing for the holidays? As you make plans for this season of good cheer, mark your calendar and join in the merriment of these great hunger-fighting events in the Delaware Valley! From tailgating to going to the movies; to working out and shopping for hunger, there are more than 20 events scheduled around our area supporting Philabundance in new and exciting ways.

Baby, it’s cold outside. Our hungry neighbors often survive on limited budgets and are confronted with choices between paying for food and other essentials. Take a moment to reflect on having to decide between buying groceries for dinner and heating your home.

Skip the stuffing. Every day food banks across America call out for support to feed those in need. How often have you passed on an opportunity to give? Don’t miss your next chance to provide a meal to a hungry neighbor; join our Square Meal Society by signing up online to become a monthly Philabundance donor.

Are you going to finish that? The USDA and EPA estimate 133 BILLION pounds of food are wasted each year, not including additional food waste from restaurants and food organizations. Check out these food waste avoidance tips, and don’t forget to bring your Tupperware for taking home leftovers!

Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

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