Volunteer Says Ending Hunger Isn’t Just Right, It’s Necessary

Posted by Philabundance Digital Media on September 13th, 2016

Volunteer Annette

Growing up in Philadelphia, Annette remembers her parents always welcoming friends and family to share a meal in their home if they ever wanted or needed it. Her father, a construction worker and a man of very few words, would say, “you eat what we eat,” which meant they were welcome to whatever was in their cupboard.

Annette says she was raised to always do what is right; and for her, volunteering to end hunger in the Delaware Valley is not only right, but also necessary.

“Even though you don’t always see it, the people who volunteers help really are right here,” says Annette. “The very people you live next to, the very people you worship with, the very people you work with… They’re not in the third world, they’re right in the first world with us. It [hunger] shouldn’t happen but unfortunately it does, and I’m glad we’re here and we can help.”

Annette started volunteering with Philabundance in 2011 because she wanted to make a difference, as well as meet new people. She went by herself to a group volunteer shift and describes her first experience:

“I was terrified going alone but I could hear my mother’s voice: ‘Well, you smile and you’ll meet somebody.’ So I went in… and it was amazing. I actually managed to make a group of friends and I simply became a part of their team. When they got ready to sign up for the next shift they said, ‘Oh Annette, we signed you up for the next shift. Hope you can make it!’ Today we continue to come in together. I’ve met wonderful people… we’re a family.”

Philabundance is supported by thousands of volunteers each year who help offset hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs by volunteering at Philabundance warehouses, offices, direct food distribution programs and more.

Between 2014 and August 2016 alone, Annette has served nearly 100 hours of volunteer time in our Hunger Relief Center in South Philadelphia and she’s inspired her coworkers at Pearson to do the same.

“I can’t imagine not volunteering at Philabundance,” says Annette. “It really is that simple to me.”

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