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Our volunteer Sharon Stone shares her experience with Philabundance.

Volunteerism to me, is a demonstration of one’s heart and so it’s something we can all do that keeps us connected. Usually the spirit of volunteerism comes alive more when there’s a crisis.  Although that’s great to see, I believe volunteering on a regular basis and making a standing commitment to do so can in some cases, eliminate even the possibility of a crisis in our community of families. 

That’s why I volunteer with Philabundance weekly, when and wherever I’m needed. It’s nothing short of an awesome feeling when the heart is satisfied.  To be able to help families endure from week to week and in some cases, day to day is gratifying to say the least. New applicants at various locations have personally shared with me about their financial struggles and how it was somewhat embarrassing for them to be in line for food. 

How they were on a corporate salary and now are struggling to pay bills and raise their family.  Then I share with them that I too was in corporate America for twenty plus years and even being single, was faced with some of the same financial dilemmas.  This always makes them feel a little more welcomed to be there.  I shared that the best thing I could have done was get involved to help someone else.  And, that embarrassment can be easily replaced with gratefulness.  

Grateful that we’re in a country that allows for companies like Philabundance to exist for the betterment of its people.  So I encourage them to continue to come, bring others, and consider volunteering.  And they always did. Philabundance is a tremendous bridge-like structure for many – providing a degree of aid and support until they get to the other side of their financial setback in life.  The Philabundance team that comes on time – every time – bring more than food.  They bring hope.  And the volunteers simply help to distribute it.  We love what we do. As a result of my two plus year volunteerism, the MVP! Foundation will apply for affiliation this spring as a means to continue the great work of the Philabundance organization.