Wegmans Delivers Truckload of Food For Those In Need to Philabundance

Wegmans is the new partner in the Grocers Against Hunger Program

Philadelphia, Pa.- May 1, 2012- On Thursday, April 26 at 10 a.m., Wegmans Food Markets delivered 15,783 pounds of non-perishable food to Philabundance’s Hunger Relief Center. This donation will help provide more than 15,000 meals to families in need. This delivery marks Wegmans first donation through their participation in the Grocers against Hunger (GAH) Program. Wegmans is Philabundance’s newest GAH partner and food donated through the program will go directly to Open Door Ministry in Royersford a Philabundance agency partner. The donation included baking ingredients, fruits and vegetables, breakfast grains, pasta, juices, meal combinations and protein.  On May 6, Wegmans newest store will open in King of Prussia on North Gulph Road and North Warner Road.

When the Wegmans tractor-trailer arrived at Philabundance, Service Manager, Nick Leeuwen, was on hand along with other employees from the King of Prussia store to help unload the truck.
“It’s a privilege to be able to deliver this tractor trailer of food that will serve the needs of our new neighbors in King of Prussia,” said Nick.  “I am proud to work for a company that has been supporting food banks since the concept began over 30 years ago. We know the times are tough and our Wegmans King of Prussia family is very grateful for the warm welcome we have received. We ‘Make A Difference’ in every community we serve and today is just the first of many times that the KOP community will see our values in action.”

“Philabundance is thrilled to have Wegmans on board for Grocers Against Hunger,” said Bill Clark, president and executive director of Philabundance.  We are seeing a 26% increase in need compared to the year before.  This, coupled with high gas and food prices, is making it increasingly difficult for families in need to afford the nutritious foods they need.”

“Wegmans is known for their high quality food and Open Door Ministry is so excited and really looking forward to partnering with them through the Grocers Against Hunger Program that Philabundance runs,” said Laurie Faust of Open Door Ministry. “Wegmans will be donating mainly produce, baked goods and some dairy; all of these products are in high demand by the families that come to our food pantry. Now we can finally provide them with these nutritious and expensive options at no cost to help them stretch their dollars.”

Grocers Against Hunger is an innovative initiative that enables participating grocers to donate food to those in need. A win win situation that saves grocers the cost of clearing out inventory and prevents foods from being unnecessarily discarded. Because of strict guidelines on grocery stores, they often need to rotate items off of shelves even though they are nutritious and completely safe to eat. Philabundance picks of the food directly and brings it back to sort or arranges a pick-up by one of their partner agencies to be used in their community. Philabundance follows all necessary food safety guidelines, transports product via our fleet of refrigerated trucks and inspects donated product at pick-up and distribution points.

Philabundance like other food banks across the country has seen a decrease in food donations over the last few years.  Grocers Against Hunger is Philabundance’s fastest growing channel for donated food. Philabundance’s GAH partners donate perishable food like dairy, meat and poultry that is more nutritious, but expensive, and in high demand from the community in need.  Since GAH’s inception in 2009, the program has yielded 7,851,655 pounds of food or 7.8 million meals from participating grocers that goes to families in the Delaware Valley.

In 2011 alone Wegmans donated 14.9 million pounds of food to area food banks in all of its market areas. Wegmans also makes it easy for shoppers to join in supporting local hunger relief efforts by participating in annual programs where shoppers who wish to make a donation at checkout can have any amount added to their bill. Since 1993, Wegmans has raised nearly $19 million for hunger relief through these checkout campaigns.

To learn more about Grocers Against Hunger and other Philabundance programs please visit or call 215-339-0900.

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