What About September?

Posted by Russ Reid on August 29th, 2011

Most months of the year seem to have celebrations associated with them. For instance, when you think of October, you probably think of Halloween.  In November, Thanksgiving comes to mind. With December comes thoughts of Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, January is the New Year, February has Valentine’s Day and so on…

But, what about September? Other than school starting up again, September is a month with little to celebrate, right?

Wrong.  In fact, I am always excited when September rolls around because it means that it is Hunger Action Month. And we are providing a perfect chance for people who are looking to get more involved with Philabundance.

Taking the first plunge into a new organization can be intimidating without a clear roadmap on how to start. Even with awesome opportunities for volunteers, great toolkits for food drives, and several ideas to create your own benefit, so many options can sometimes feel overwhelming.

That is why Hunger Action Month is so great – it makes it easy to join the fight against hunger. Philabundance has created a calendar that breaks down 30 ways to get involved in the 30 days of September. How’s that for a roadmap!

So take a look, whether you’re a new supporter, or a long-time friend trying to think of a new way to lend a hand. We hope you’ll take at least a few of our suggestions over the course of September and join Philabundance in the fight against hunger.

Here are some simple ways to start:
•    Like us on Facebook
•    Buy a ticket to our Hunger Symposium
•    Try the 10Arts Tasting Menu
•    Stock up on some (beet)hunger gear

So, when the 4th of July is over and the summer barbeques of August end, remember that September is Hunger Action Month, and help us celebrate with 30 Ways in 30 Days!

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