Why Shannan’s Daughter Won’t Go Hungry

Posted by Philabundance on August 14th, 2017

Shannan, a mother of three, knows it doesn’t take a degree in nutrition to understand the benefits of healthy eating. For her, it’s just common sense. Yet when it comes to feeding her kids, there have been times when she and her husband have been unable to provide them with the nourishing food they need.

“You try to eat healthy, but you can buy a case of cupcakes for less than apples and bananas,” Shannan said.

This fall, Shannan’s youngest, also named Shannan, is returning to school. She’s 11 and has cerebral palsy, which her mom says makes good nutrition even more important. With so many physical challenges to overcome, healthy food is critical to her success both academically and developmentally. Not only are her school days full of the same learning activities as other students, she also has to work hard on speech therapy and motor skills.

While the younger Shannan will have access to school meals once school starts, these breakfasts and lunches on weekdays aren’t always enough to offset the family’s many expenses. The healthiest food is still hard to afford – even if just for evenings and weekends.

Thankfully, there’s help for families like Shannan’s, because of you. This past summer, the mother-daughter pair visited Cornwell United Methodist Church’s Harvest Ministry, the family’s local Philabundance member agency in Bristol, PA. The loving mother tears up when she recounts her visit to the pantry and how wonderful the volunteers were to her and her daughter. Her daughter was so excited when she saw so many of her favorite fruits. It was a joy for Shannan to be able to give her child the healthy food she both wanted and needed.

“This helps out a great deal for our family,” Shannan said, expressing her gratitude for your generosity. “The fruits and vegetables are things that cost a lot at the store, so being able to come here helps to stretch our budget.”

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