“With great power there must also come – great responsibility!”

Posted by Philabundance on May 22nd, 2013

Farm Bill

In the first Spider-Man story ever written, Uncle Ben warns his nephew, Peter Parker (read: Spider-Man’s alter-ego) that as he grows from a boy into a man, he will both acquire the strength to harm and the choice to become a force for good. Although Peter initially rejects Uncle Ben’s advice, as he realizes the gravity of his superpowers, Peter adopts Uncle Ben’s parental direction as his guiding maxim.

Hunger relief organizations like Philabundance work to ensure that our communities have access to the foods they need but we are unable to do so without strong federal policies supporting our fight against hunger. The Farm Bill, a large package of laws that will govern much of the United States’ food policy for the next five years, was reopened for discussion in the House and Senate last week. Both the House and Senate Agriculture Committees approved bills that deeply cut funding to federal hunger relief programs like SNAP (Food Stamps).

It may not seem like an act of heroism, but your demonstrated support of hunger relief legislation is vital to the protection of our neighbors in need. Calling your Congress people and urging their protection of hunger relief programs like Food Stamps and LIHEAP, which helps people pay for heat in the winter, shows them that their constituents care deeply about individuals coping with hunger and poverty, and those on the verge of having to choose between paying the utility bill or putting food on the table. Although it takes just a few moments, a call to a senator’s office shows that a constituent is willing to take the time and effort to express their concern about a given policy.

You can contact Senator Toomey here and Senator Casey here. Find out your local House Representative here and reach out to them, too.

When Uncle Ben imparted his wisdom to Peter Parker, he did not realize that his nephew would soon be shooting webs out of his forearm and making the world a better place. However, we all have the everyday power to affect change. Those of us who have not encountered any radioactive spiders are unlikely to be foiling any dastardly deeds or maniacal plots. But, each one of us has the great power and concurrent responsibility to strengthen our communities.


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