Young Philanthropists Give Back

Posted by Philabundance on August 14th, 2017

Mark Snyder is a Philadelphia native, educator and the father of twins, Jemmie and Ellie. A long-time hunger advocate since his days of teaching at-risk high schoolers, Mark was thrilled when his girls began to take an interest in serving their community.

Mark said his extended family has been extremely generous to the girls. The idea struck him and his wife, a family doctor, that Jemmie and Ellie could use their birthday as an opportunity to give back.

“When you are fortunate and have more than you need, there is a civic duty to learn how you can help others who don’t have as much control over their life circumstances,” Mark said.

Over the years, Jemmie and Ellie have used their birthday parties to raise funds for several charities, including Philabundance. As a long-time supporter of the organization, Mark was very happy to see the girls’ birthday project supporting what he believes to be a very reputable and trustworthy charity, working on behalf of hungry children and their families.

This time of year, the generosity of kids like Jemmie and Ellie is especially needed by kids who are at risk of going to bed on empty stomachs.

“As a teacher and parent, it’s hard to even consider doing other things during the day – such as school – when you are starving as a child,” Mark said. “What’s the point of school when you can’t focus long enough to learn anything?”

Here at Philabundance, we deeply appreciate the kindness of children like Jemmie and Ellie. Thank you for setting an example for the next generation of philanthropists in our community!

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