You’re Sharing Joy with Families in Need

Posted by Philabundance Digital Media on November 14th, 2016

Little Anthony, 2, can count perfectly to 10 — in both English and Spanish! With his smarts and easy smile, you’d never guess his family was struggling with hunger.

His mother, La’Shorn, is raising Anthony on her own and enrolled him at a childcare learning center while she worked her housekeeping job. Pulling her son from the program is one of the many disappointments she has faced since she lost her job.

Even when she was working full-time, La’Shorn often had a hard time stretching her paychecks to fill her empty cabinets. But since she was laid off, covering her and Anthony’s expenses has been really tough.

La’Shorn is anxious to get back to work and to re-enroll her son in his learning center. She knows Anthony will have an important edge when he starts kindergarten if he’s able to keep growing his skill set in his early years.

La’Shorn also knows healthy food will bolster little Anthony’s success as he grows. That’s why she visits the food pantry at Grace Lutheran Church, a Philabundance agency in West Philadelphia.

She found out about the pantry several years ago and has visited off and on during challenging times. As she works to get back on solid financial footing, she’s so glad to know she has help putting food on the table, because of you.

“Thank you with our bellies and hearts,” she says, with a grateful smile.

When dealing with a job loss, illness or other hardships, the holidays can be a painful reminder of financial uncertainty. It’s hard to think about shopping for stuffing and cranberry sauce if you can barely afford to heat your home.

Because you give, families who are facing such setbacks are able to celebrate together around a full table. Do you see the smile on La’Shorn’s face? Your generosity made it possible. Thank you sincerely for all you do.


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