Zoren: Springsteen Partners With Channel 3, NCC to Fight Hunger

By Neal Zoren
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Food and Bruce Springsteen are uniting Channel 3 and the National Constitution Center in a food drive to benefit Philabundance.

“The Hungry Heart” food drive runs in conjunction with an exhibition about Springsteen, “Asbury Park to the Promised Land,” at NCC. People who bring a non-perishable item to the museum will receive $2 off their ticket to the show that chronicles Springsteen’s career from his early scuffling with pickup bands to his glory days with his E-Street band. Food can be in a can or in a box. Donors are asked to bring nothing in a glass container. I stare at the jar of Jif that is by me at all waking moments as I notice creamy peanut butter on the list of particularly desired foods.

Springsteen is in concert at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center on Thursday, March 29. He has donated two pairs of tickets to Philabundance.

These will be auctioned and can be accessed by visiting and placing a bid. Bidding runs through 11:59 p.m. on Friday, March 16. Winners not only get to sit within the first of the loge at Wells Fargo, but gain access to the E Street lounge to relax before the show.

The food drive goes longer. It lasts until Saturday, March 31. “Asbury Park to the Promised Land” goes on through Sept. 3 at NCC.

Channel 3 and its sister station, Channel 57, are media partners for the event.

WIP’s Macnow loves a crime yarn

I can see Larry Kane writing a mystery novel that takes place in a newsroom. Anyone who spent as much time as Larry in as many newsrooms has enough stories or intrigues to craft a book.

I can see Jerry Blavat writing about his remarkable career in radio, television, and as a lasting guru of doo-wop.

I can see former Flyers goalie and raconteur Bernie Parent sharing his memories in print.

I can see George Anastasia, who has covered crime, and particularly organized crime for decades in the Inquirer, being interested enough in gangster and other crime movies to write a book about it. George and Channel 3 reporter Walt Hunter do a show about crime and crime news every Sunday on WPHT (1210 AM).

What I have to find out is what made Anastasia’s co-author, Glen Macnow, a devotee of Cagney, Bogey, Dick and William Powell, and the rest of the actors who starred in crime yarns. Glen covers sports for WIP (94.1 FM).

Macnow will no doubt reveal the origins of his love for crime movies when he appears with all the aforementioned at Michael Smerconish’s “Book Night,” Tuesday at the Scottish Rite Auditorium in Collingswood, N.J.

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