Your support is simply amazing and is an especially vital part of the hunger-relief work Philabundance has been doing during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Now, with millions of people unable to work, our mission to feed our neighbors has become even more important. Despite incredible efforts, we at Philabundance know that food banks alone cannot end hunger. We need a robust nutrition program, like SNAP, to ensure people have the food they need for a healthy life.


SNAP, or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, is often referred to as the nation’s number one defense against hunger. By providing a monthly benefit to eligible households to purchase food, SNAP works to reduce hunger for millions of people. For every one meal a Feeding America food bank distributes, SNAP provides nine.


The vast majority of SNAP benefits — close to 85 percent — go to a household where there is a child, an elderly person or someone with a disability. For those households receiving SNAP with someone who is able to work, the vast majority do.


The SNAP program also has high integrity and stringent guidelines, ensuring the benefits go to people who truly need them, and are used properly. In addition to supporting families, SNAP also provides an economic boost for neighborhoods by creating over $1.70 in economic activity for every dollar spent. Overall, it is a program that effectively meets the needs of people and communities who are hungry.


At Philabundance, we know that SNAP alleviates pressure from the emergency food system. This program, coupled with the incredible support of friends like you, can help to end hunger across the Delaware Valley.


Visit our advocacy page for more information and to learn how you can volunteer your voice to help relieve hunger today and end hunger for good.