Relieving Hunger Now

Learn More About How Philabundance Drives Hunger from our Communities Today


Philabundance has a two-tiered mission to drive hunger from our communities today and end hunger for good. The first piece of our mission, driving hunger from our communities today, focuses on making food accessible to our neighbors facing food insecurity when and where the need arises. Food is essential to leading an active, healthy lifestyle and Philabundance recognizes our role in ensuring our neighbors don’t go to bed without knowing where their next meal will come from.


With a service area spanning nine counties across Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey, this work is only made possible thanks to our incredible partners and an extensive network of supporters. Learn more about how we work below! 


Philabundance is in the position to accept both large-scale and small-scale food donations and can quickly move donated product to our network of 350 agencies. We regularly receive food donations from groups such as:

  • Farmers
  • Manufacturers & Importers
  • Retailers & Wholesalers
  • Community Food Drives (learn more here)


Additionally, some donors choose to support Philabundance through a financial contribution. Donations of funds allow us to use our purchasing power to buy large quantities of food to help supplement the donated product we receive. We have a commitment to offering healthy, locally sourced, and culturally responsive food whenever possible and aim to provide a well-rounded selection of foods to our community partners.

Food Is Distributed Out

While a smaller food pantry may be overwhelmed by a donation of, for example, several pallets of ripe melons, Philabundance can leverage our logistical power to sort and move the product within a small timeframe, both eliminating food waste and supporting our neighbors in need. We often look to our volunteers to help prepare food for delivery or pick up.

We rely on our fleet of trucks and vehicles to distribute our food throughout our network, moving product from one of our four locations to one of our 350 community partners. Agency members also pick up product after placing an order or can participate in our distribution hub at our Hunger Relief Center in South Philadelphia.

Emergency Response

Philabundance also steps up to respond to increased need in case of emergencies such as natural disasters, government shutdowns, and, of course, COVID-19. In the past, we’ve partnered with City and Government officials, parallel organizations, local restaurants, and more to go beyond our typical offerings to provide for our community. Some examples include special drive-through distributions during COVID-19 and preparing hot meals for refugees arriving to Philadelphia from Afghanistan. Whatever the case, Philabundance is committed to doing what we can to support our neighbors in need.

How can you help

Below are just a few ways you can join us in the fight against hunger:

Philabundance distributed 53.9 million pounds of food in 2022.

That’s almost double what we distributed in 2019.