Government Food Programs

Food and Fund Drives

There are a variety of government food assistance programs that provide food to people facing hunger in the United States. Our Government Affairs team works to educate legislators on the need to protect and expand these vital programs to ensure that no one in our community and beyond goes to bed without knowing how they will get their next meal. Use the links below to learn more about each program, including eligibility and how to apply if applicable.

Federal Food Assistance Programs

Acronym Full Name Brief Description Nutrition Kids Seniors Food Banks
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
Provides timely, targeted, and temporary benefits to low-income Americans to buy groceries.
The Emergency Food Assistance Program
Provides USDA commodities to families in need of short-term hunger relief through emergency food providers like food banks.
Commodity Supplemental Food Program
Provides food assistance for low-income seniors with a monthly package of healthy USDA commodities.
The Child and Adult Care Food Program
Provides nutritious meals and snacks to children and adults in designated child and adult care centers.
The National School Lunch Program
Provides nutritionally balanced lunch to qualified children each school day.
The School Breakfast Program
Provides nutritionally balanced breakfast to qualified children each school day.
The Summer Food Service Program
Provides free meals and snacks to low-income children during the summer months.
Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children
Provides nutritious foods and nutrition education for low-income, at risk women, infants.

Pennsylvania State Food Assistance Programs


Pennsylvania Agricultural Surplus System


Connects local farmers and food producers to the charitable food system. Reimburses farmers for the costs of harvesting, processing, packaging and transporting surplus products to food banks.


State Food Purchase Program


Provides grants to counties for the purchase and distribution of nutritious food to low-income individuals.

Find Food Now

We partner with WhyHunger to ensure those facing food insecurity have access to food when they need it. If you or someone you know is facing food insecurity, please call the WhyHunger Hotline or text with your zip code to 1-800-5-HUNGRY (1-800-548-6479) or visit our Find Food page.