Due to COVID-19, Philabundance is adapting its efforts to ensure individuals and families
have access to the food they need while preventing the spread of the virus.
From finding food to learning how to help, use our resources to take action today.

Volunteer Your Voice

Join us to build a movement to end hunger – use your voice to advocate for programs that relieve hunger today and end hunger for good. Most food assistance in this country comes from the government in the form of SNAP (food stamps), school meals and other nutrition programs. Advocacy can make a difference and your voice matters in the fight to end hunger. Legislators need to hear the message loud and clear: no one should go hungry. Together we can truly drive hunger from our communities today and end hunger for good.

SNAP Time Limits

SNAP is an incredible nutrition program that keeps our nation healthy and fed even when people do not have the resources to afford food. Despite its importance, the USDA will be imposing a new rule on April 1st that will take SNAP benefits away from over 40,000 people in the Philadelphia area. Those individuals will lose benefits because they have trouble finding enough work hours and do not have a child. Philabundance cannot make up the difference of SNAP and is working to educate people about this new rule. If you or people you know could be impacted please learn more about it today!

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Food Waste Reduction Policy Efforts

Millions of people in our country face hunger while 40% of our food goes to waste. Philabundance was founded on rescuing food before it goes to waste and providing it to our neighbors who need it. As much as we are doing to rescue food in our communities, there is more that can be done. New legislation, regulations and clarifications of existing laws could go a long way towards increasing food donations and reducing unnecessary waste. For this reason, we commissioned the Harvard Law School Food Law and Policy Clinic to create a report on this topic: “Moving Food Waste Forward: Policy Recommendations for Next Steps in Pennsylvania”. With this report we are working hard to reduce food waste and bring more food to people who need it.

More Ways To Get Involved

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